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We are Erna and Amra, owners of Digitally Fueled Marketing FZE, sisters, cat ladies, and passionate entrepreneurs.
Whether you’ve just started or you’re scaling your business, you are in the right place if you are looking for meaningful, profitable, and sustainable marketing strategies to help you build and grow your biz!

We provide support for various levels of experience and our services are tailored to your needs and goals.
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Facebook Ads coaching session for business owners and social media managers

1:1 Ads Starter: Run Ad Campaigns with Confidence

Our 60-Minute Coaching Session for Facebook and Instagram Ads is great for business owners and social media managers who feel like they need a fresh pair of eyes on their campaigns.
During this one-hour session, we will cover a topic of your choice such as expert ad campaign audits, tailored strategy crafting, Ads Manager setup guidance, how to use Facebook Business Suite, or how to master audience targeting.

one month intensive Facebook Ads coaching

Become a Facebook Ads Pro in a Month with Our Intensive 1:1 Program

Imagine this: In just one month, you’ll be a confident pro at running highly successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Great for business owners, social media managers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and preparation for the sales season!

Content writing training

Write Content That CONVERTS

Let’s take your marketing game to a whole new level with a transformative 60-minute coaching session designed for marketers, creators, and business owners eager to master the art of AIDA!

During this one-hour session, we will provide you with the formula that you can apply to your social media content, newsletters, website content, blog posts, advertising campaigns, and anywhere else to create an impact and start turning your readers into leads.



Learn how to go beyond simple targeting and start launching Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that CONVERT!

Whether you’re new to Facebook Ads or looking to refine your targeting strategy, we will equip you with the knowledge and examples you need to succeed.

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