Content Fuel for Service-based Businesses

Have you ever stared blankly at the screen and you simply had no idea what to post next on Instagram? We understand you completely! You’re a business owner juggling between current clients, signing new ones, trying to scale your business, and you also have to keep making content for Instagram. It’s exhausting!

Instagram Content Fuel for Services

The fact that you’re here means that:

  • You’re struggling with coming up with ideas for new content
  • You don’t have a content strategy and you simply post whatever you come up with
  • You cannot invest in a graphic designer right now
  • You want to transform your profile into a professional looking business on Instagram
  • You’re serious about setting up on a journey to turn your Instagram profile into a profitable sales funnel 

With our Instagram Content Fuel:

  • You don’t need to have excellent design skills because you get UNIQUE design to stand out
  • You will post consistently and strategically by following our content pillars
  • You won’t need to spend HOURS coming up with content because it’s already done for you
  • With our content pillars you’ll easily come up with content ideas even after you go through all our templates

You only need a free Canva subscription.
Lifetime access guaranteed.

Total value of all these items: 300$
BUT you can get them today for only 25$

What do You Get Inside?

  • 60 posts for Instagram with UNIQUE DESIGN AND CONTENT done
  • 20 story templates
  • 8 Reels templates with guides to fit the title in the feed
  • 3 carousel templates with guides
  • our content pillars explained so you can easily come up with content even when you go through 3 months of posts
  • our content ideas can be recycled for stories and Reels
  • images, text, and colors are easily customisable to match your branding and aesthetics
We also included an extensive guide with step by step explanations on how to:
  • use Digitally Fueled’s content pillars
  • make the content work for your business
  • properly cut the carousels, follow guides, and download content

Let’s talk about Content Pillars!

Value of this: PRICELESS!

Create professional and eye-catching content!

Get new followers, engage existing ones, and promote your service!

I’m Ready! Make my feed POP!

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