Why Your Facebook Ads Don’t Perform Well During the Sales Season

The sales season 2023 has officially been ushered by Singles’ Day and now we’re in the most exciting part of the year. However, if you’re a small business owner running ad campaigns during this period (and YES – now is definitely the time to run ads) this period might feel quite frustrating. What we’ve noticed in many small businesses, and especially e-commerce businesses during the seasonal sales, is a significant fluctuation in their Facebook Ads performance.

It’s ironic isn’t it – you feel that now’s the time when you need your ads to run as smoothly as possible and then you notice that your CPC has gone up, conversions have decreased, and your ads seem to be going to all the wrong people. And I know you feel the urge to stop the campaigns – but don’t – there’s a simple explanation and a solution to your problem:

The WHY:

Sales seasons see an increase in advertising all around, and to put it simply – your ads have much greater competition from larger businesses with bigger advertising budgets. The ones who feel the impact the most are the $5-$10 daily budget businesses.

The FIX:

Budget: When planning your advertising campaigns, especially in the final quarter, make sure that you leave a greater portion of your budget for this period. Even if you’re a small business, a larger advertising budget will give you a competitive edge during the sales season.

September-October: Plan ahead. Just before the sales season begins is the time to ramp up your visibility and reach new audiences (the ones that you can retarget when the time is right). Don’t scrimp on September and October. Consider these months your pre-sales warmup.

Targeting: No matter how well you set up your campaigns, and what kind of budget you’re ready to invest into advertising, if your ads aren’t reaching the right people you won’t get the results you’re hoping for. Facebook Ads Manager offers several targeting possibilities – from creating saved interest-based audiences to custom and lookalike audiences. Study your target clients, see where they are on their buyer’s journey, and what’s the right way to reach them. Take some time to create a buyer persona – this is more about buyer psychology and less about mere demographics.

This is why we have created a FREE targeting guide with practical examples and step-by-step instructions to understand your target clients and see how this translates into creating high-converting audiences for your ads.

Find your free guide here and have a successful sales season!

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