Why do You Have Followers on Instagram, but No Paying Clients?

When I started my journey and decided to set up a business on Instagram, I thought followers were everything. My belief was that a huge followership would give my business credibility and increase reach of my profile to more potential customers. So I put focus on content and reached out for support to people with accounts similar to mine.

I was getting followers, comments, and likes. Sounds perfect, right? The harsh reality is that I was getting traffic to my account, but not from any leads. This is when I realised I was not doing the right thing. Today I will share with you what I’ve learned from my mistakes and help you see that acquiring followers doesn’t matter if you’re not earning money!

Mistake Number 1: Refusing to niche down

I completely understand you on this one. After going through expensive education and certifications I refused to let go of anything I knew. With a degree in English, an MBA, and certification in web design and development I wanted to sell all of my skills. So my sister and I started making content on everything in the field of marketing, hoping that we’ll land a client who needs a marketing agency. 

What I’ve learned is that niching down does not mean you’re letting go of a big part of your expertise. On the contrary, this allows you to become an expert in your field and to hit the right note with your customers. This means you’ll start solving your clients’ problems instead of sounding generic. If you claim that you know everything, you seem like you know nothing in particular! But if you appear as an expert in your field people will trust you and you will be able to sell them more of your expertise after they trust you.

Mistake number 2 – Not having a clear offer

Having a clear offer means to state exactly what you’re selling. Coaching, online courses, consulting, fitness training, etc. Options depend on the type of service that you’re providing, but even here you have to be specific! Your potential customer has to know clearly the value they’ll get because this is the main point. So will you scale their business, organise their meetings, get them fit after having a baby – the choices are endless and depend on your expertise. If you’re like me and you have a couple of fields of expertise in mind, then choose what you’re most confident about. Finally, your customer needs to know how to get this value from you. So you will include calls to action, links to purchase, or coaching schedule, etc.

Cheat sheet: How to write an offer

Here’s a cheat sheet for writing a clear offer.

Mistake number 3 – Not having a clear marketing strategy

I hate to break it to you, but the first two pieces of advice in this article are just tips! They need to be a part of your marketing strategy. Strategy is much more than using the right hashtags, writing your offer, or choosing your niche. You will need a sustainable way to get leads, engage them with your content, and land them as your clients.

This is something Digitally Fueled can help you with. Our Content Fuel packages will help you set up a sustainable marketing strategy that will turn your followers into paying clients.

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AND an extensive guide with step by step explanations on how to:

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With our Content Fuel:

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