How to Make Engaging Instagram Stories

When was the last time you checked your Instagram Story insights? How often do you notice that people choose to leave your stories before they reach the very ending? How to keep their interest long enough to transmit your message entirely?

Having well-designed, planned, and on-brand Instagram Stories is very useful for selling your business offers through Instagram, and today I’ll give you some tips to take your Story-telling to the next level.

Also, stay tuned until the end where I’m going to share several examples of well-planned business Instagram Story templates, which help boost your visibility.

First of all, it’s called a ‘story’ because you need to tell a story!

As a writer and a teacher, I can tell you this with the utmost certainty: Every story needs to have an exposition, characters, a conflict, and a resolution, and your Instagram Stories need to follow the same formula: from A (context) to B (problem) to C (solution, CTA).

Let’s explain each of these narrative elements.

A. Exposition

You need to provide your audience with some context – tell them what situation you have in mind, give them some background information, explain what is it that has caused the conflict/problem that you are about to discuss.

Why do you need context?

In order to establish a connection with your audience and capture their attention. So that they would look at your story and think, ‘I know what you’re talking about! This happens to me all the time!’ This is going to motivate them to stay tuned and learn more.


Your protagonists are usually introduced at the very beginning, in the exposition, and in this case, your protagonists are the members of your audience. They need to see themselves in your story. Think about your buyer persona and what kind of a story would resonate with them. 

B. Conflict

Your business is here to provide a solution and make your clients’ lives easier. Whatever your product or service is – healthy lifestyle, counselling, tutoring, tiling, dentistry – in order to prove the value of your solution/service/product, you need to be able to explain the problem thoroughly and vividly. Be genuine and inspire your audience to engage.

You can use more than one 15-seconds story for this part, but make sure that you provide your audience with information and tell them what is the problem that you can help them solve.

C. Resolution

Give your audience a reason to engage with you by giving them a very clear call to action and by sticking to just one action. If you overwhelm your audience, your CTA won’t have any effect. People like to be told very precisely what it is that they need to do next: whether then need to reply to the story or send you a DM, whether they need to respond to the sticker (which opens up a DM dialogue again), whether they need to call, send an email, book an appointment, visit the link in the bio, share with their friends, whatever it is, make sure that it is very clear and precise.

Cheat sheet: How to make engaging Instagram stories
Cheat Sheet: How to Make Engaging Instagram Stories


Here are a few templates that you can follow in order to create your own engaging Instagram Stories:

Scenario 1

A: Start off with a question that you get often asked by your clients.
B: In an engaging way, explain the problem and how your services can be of help.
C: Use a poll sticker and ask your audience whether they’ve experienced the same thing.
Bonus: You can follow up on the poll results later on.

Scenario 2

A: Retell a snippet of a conversation that you’ve overheard somewhere in public.
B: Explain what problem these people are having and how your services could benefit them.
C: Ask your audience to share your story in order to spread awareness.

Scenario 3

A: Tell your audience about one of your goals and why accomplishing this particular thing was so important to you.
B: Explain what was your problem and how you came to a solution (connect it with your own services).
C: Use a sticker and ask them to share one of their important goals.
Bonus: Make sure that you follow up on the responses (which will open up a DM dialogue with your audience). 

Whether you’re a personal trainer, a dentist, a tutor, or a lawyer, these engaging and interactive stories will help you:
– establish a connection with your clients
– enhance your visibility
– position yourself as an expert
– open up a channel of communication with prospective leads!

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